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OK, so you want to watch whatever and whenever...
these days it is possible, BUT there are pro's and con's and do's and don'ts

You have 3 Options
  • Buy the DVD
  • Streaming
  • Downloading
Showbox, Putocker, DSTV - Live/Catchup

Download is way better than streaming...
Why... because then you haveĀ  the file and anyone can watch it when ever they want to at any time, wether you have internet or not
you can even start watching it now and someone on another pc can start 10 minutes later over your home network, no buffering no problems
when you're all done watching it, delete it... simple
Buffering is an international issue, the internet was simply not designed to be an HD media streaming service, it does it fairly well, but it WILL buffer at some point
The fact that you can stream it does not make it any more legal than downloading it from a site like pirate bay or the like, free streeming/downloading is nearly 100% of the time illegal
1. Make sure other devices in your home are not currently using the internet,
other pc users, mobile devices, open browsers, etc
check your jenny bandwidth monitor to see if youre currently using data and how much, ideally it should be zero
2. connect your tv streaming device via cable, it's faster than wireless
3. increase buffer
Netflix has a secret menu you can access while watching videos in order to cut down on buffering during playback. To access the menu, perform the following action: Shift+Alt+Left Click
After that, select the stream manager and manually match up the playback with the buffering rate. This should cut down on the buffering issues you're experiencing, and your friends will think you're the coolest.